Welcome to MEHRA Education Pvt. Ltd. It is ISO-Certified (9001-2015) for best service quality. It is well known and trusted name in the field of education. One of the best leading educational institute in India. MEHRA Education  Pvt. Ltd is a single platform for multi purposes which provides better services amongst the students. MEHRA Education  Pvt. Ltd is a guiding and counselling institution to assist the students for their better and further study in all over India. Education is the first step towards making people aware of their rights and responsibilities. We assist students for selecting their goal and resolve their doubts regarding study. We have been working in the field of Education for last 25 + years.


Our mission is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute to the global world and practise the core values of education in respect, tolerance & inclusion, and excellenceTo provide students a single platform for multiple purposes which will assist the students in educational work. We will avail the student better services and guidance regarding their further study and help them to fulfil their dreams of life through counselling.


Welcome to Mehra Education, where knowledge meets innovation, and learning knows no boundaries!

I am Nk Mehra, the proud CEO of Mehra Education Pvt Ltd, and I am thrilled to extend a warm greeting to you as you explore our educational haven. At Mehra Education, we believe in the transformative power of education and its ability to shape a brighter future. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and our mission is to empower individuals like yourself to reach new heights of success through the pursuit of knowledge.

In the dynamic landscape of education, we stand out as a beacon of quality and accessibility. Whether you are embarking on a journey of distance learning or seeking to enhance your computer skills, Mehra Education is your trusted partner every step of the way. Our comprehensive range of courses is designed to cater to diverse learning needs, ensuring that you have the flexibility to chart your own educational path.

In the digital age, proficiency in computer skills is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Our computer classes are crafted to equip you with the latest tools and technologies, providing a solid foundation for success in today’s technologically driven world. Whether you’re a beginner eager to explore the world of computers or a seasoned professional aiming to stay ahead, Mehra Education is here to support your aspirations.

As you navigate through our website, I encourage you to explore the wealth of resources, courses, and opportunities that Mehra Education has to offer. Our team of dedicated educators and industry experts are committed to providing you with a learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary – one that inspires, challenges, and prepares you for the future.

Thank you for considering Mehra Education as your educational partner. We are excited about the prospect of accompanying you on your educational journey and contributing to your success story. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries. Together, let’s unlock the doors to a world of knowledge and possibilities.

Warm regards,

Nk Mehra CEO, Mehra Education Pvt Ltd


I am Hemlata Mehra, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of our esteemed company, and it is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to you. In the ever-evolving landscape of our industry, innovation is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. As the CMO, I am excited to share with you the heartbeat of our brand, the pulse of our marketing initiatives, and the essence of our commitment to excellence.

At the core of our philosophy lies a dedication to understanding and meeting the unique needs of our audience. Marketing, to us, is not just about selling products or services; it’s about building meaningful connections, fostering relationships, and creating experiences that resonate. We believe in the power of storytelling, and through our marketing endeavors, we aim to weave narratives that captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.

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As the CMO, my vision is to propel our brand to new heights by championing innovative campaigns, strategic partnerships, and customer-centric initiatives. We understand that the modern consumer is discerning and values authenticity, and it is our mission to meet and exceed those expectations.

I invite you to explore the exciting journey we are on, whether you’re a customer, partner, or simply someone interested in our story. Our marketing efforts are a reflection of our passion for what we do, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those we connect with.

Thank you for considering us as a part of your journey, and I look forward to the opportunity to create meaningful connections and deliver exceptional value through our marketing endeavors.

Best Regards,

Hemlata Mehra Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 



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It is ISO-Certified (9001-2015) for best service quality. It is well known and trusted name in the field of education